Krkonoše - Giant mountains


Krkonoše - Giant mountains

Krkonoše, or the Giant Mountains are the highest and the best-known mountain range in the Czech Republic. Here, you can enjoy skiing tracks running across the ranges and descending to alpine resorts, you can see the highest peak, Sněžka (1602 m), take pleasure in the flowery alpine meadows and dark green dwarf-pine thickets, blue ponds in the middle of mysterious peat bogs, and discover plates with the symbol of the first Czech national park. The Giant Mountains are crisscrossed by marked tourist trails suitable for all age groups. Chair lifts to several peaks provide less proficient tourists with the opportunity to enjoy the breath-taking vista of the mountains.

On west rise the Giant mountains by Novosvětské saddle and they are creted by two ridges. Firs of these is the Hraniční ridge. Alogn its pivot goes the state border and there are situated the main part of highest Giant mountains´hills. Second is the Czech ridge. The border between eatern and western Giant mountains is created by the valley of river Labe (Elbe) near the Špindlerův Mlýn.

For Giant mountains are typycal inclement weather conditions. They are also fruitful of precipitations. On vertical areaes the snow keeps 70 - 180 days of the year.

Thanks their natural beauty and snow conditions the Giant mountains become on of the most haut of Czech republic. In summer there are ideal conditions for tourism and cycling. Tourists can use the well prepared system of tourist ways and many chalets. Giaant mountains offer ideal conditions for skiers. There are situated a lot of ski centres with many ski tows and downhill courses, but also a lot of kilometres of cross-country skiing lines.

Recommended routes

Pec pod Sněžkou - 1km - crossroads U Řeháků - 2 km - Pražská chalet - 3km Černá chalet - 5 km - Jánské Lázně, hotel Lesní dům - 2,5 km - Modrokamenná chalet - 2 km - Pražačka - 2 km - Horní Maršov (total 17,5 km)


Janské Lázně, a winter sports center (snowboarding, Alpine skiing and cross country skiing) is located in the eastern part of the Giant Mountains, in the valley of the Jansky Brook on the southern slope of Black Mountain (Černa hora – 1299 m above sea level). Its favorable climatic conditions and curative thermal spring discovered as early as the 11th century made this town a popular recreation and spa destination. Janské Lázně is not only a spa town, but also a summer and winter recreation and sports center with a rich choice of lodgings.
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Pec pod Sněžkou is one of favorite mountain recreation resorts in the Giant Mountains, Eastern Bohemia.
The local dominant feature is the highest point of the Czech Republic Sněžka (Snow Mountain) (1602m above sea level) that can be reached by a chair lift or on foot while following one of several tourist tracks.
Pec pod Sněžkou offers an endless variety of all year-round sport and tourist enjoyments. It also provides a great number of boarding houses, hotels and accommodation suites as well as stylish restaurants. more info:


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